Science Fiction Doubleplus Feature

Three science fiction movies in a week and a half? Buy me the world’s biggest popcorn, drown it in petroleum butter, grab a straw for my Mello Yello, and hold my pocket protector—I’m going in. Continue reading


I Saw A Werewolf Drinking a Clearly Canadian at Trader Vic’s—His Hair Was Perfect (awoo!): A 90s Odyssey Part Five

My feelings toward dogs are pretty uncomplicated: I have loved them always. Our, and I mean humanity’s, relationship with dogs is old and maybe a little more complicated than pure love, but we are probably hopelessly bonded for the rest of time.


The immortal John Candy as Barf the Mawg, half man half dog–“I’m my own best friend.” Perfection.

How close is that bond? Sometimes it’s so close that we turn into each other. I don’t mean how you think to yourself how much Darlene down the street resembles her poodle—how they seem to visit the same hair stylist and request the same permanent, and even have the same sharp nose and vacant dark eyes and seem high strung enough to probably see the same therapist. No, not that kind of turning into each other over time, which seems a quite natural stage of pet ownership. I mean the other kind. Yeah, that kind.

The werewolf kind. Continue reading

Teenage Feelings at The Fitzgerald, April 2015

It’s not easy to talk about the connection between art and pain without coming across like a trite parrot who is only saying what everyone has already said for a long time on the subject. But then, I am not Neko Case.Neko Case Continue reading

A Little More Country and A Little More Rock and Roll Than Even The Osmonds

If you have ever been on a first date or on a long road trip or have spent your first night at college huddled together on the floor of a dorm room down the way, then you have possibly played the Desert Island game. It’s a deceptively simple game—a moment to learn, a lifetime to master.

The rules are pretty much this: you are going to be stuck on a desert island, and you can only have one movie/book/album/McDonald’s Extra Value Meal for the rest of time. What do you take with you?

The eyes of your date or travel companions or batch of friends you are about to forge lifelong relationships with fall on you, and then you have to give your answer.

We aren’t on a first date, you really shouldn’t be reading this while operating a moving vehicle, and my legs would fall asleep after like eight minutes of sitting on some Freshman’s Target area rug their parents bought for their dorm room floor. Which is another way of saying you will never know my answers to these very important questions. (Okay: American Beauty/East of Eden/Raising Sand/No. 2 with extra pickles and a Dr. Pepper). Continue reading

Once More to Dark Gethsemane

Failure is okay. It’s human and it’s healthy, and I think about it a lot.

I think about gathering darkness in which friends gathered together and ate a little supper and drank a little wine and talked about big ideas, like how love could be infinite even though their time together was finite. They probably failed to see just how finite that time really was, I’m sure. But that’s human. Continue reading